November 07, 2020 4 min read

The streets of Copenhagen take on their own special kind of magic during the winter months. With the long days and golden evenings of summer behind us, our city braces itself for crisp, clear mornings, lit by skies of azure blue and crystalline silver, and the ancient cobbled streets begin to sparkle with the frost that settles throughout the night.

Here comes the season of flickering fires and candlelight, of warming cups of hot spiced wine, and of evenings spent indoors in the company of friends, food, and laughter. Winter, they say, is when the cities of the North glow with their own special magic.

The end of each year is also a time of reflection, of giving, and of those all-important moments of bliss and luxury. Whether neatly wrapped in a box and placed lovingly beneath a Christmas tree, worn while wrapped tightly in long coats and cosy scarves and hats, or used to highlight and accentuate your individual sense of style, fine jewellery - made from the treasures of the sea, and the gifts of the Earth - makes winter your time to shine most brightly.


Bedazzling Accents for Long, Dark Nights

There’s something fascinating about our compulsion to gather together during the darker months of the year. It’s a season of parties, of celebrations, of feasting, dancing and opulence. From the end-of-year office events to the meeting of friends old and new, the wintertime is full of moments in which to display your flawless sense of style.

When it comes to highlighting feminine beauty, timeless elegance, and effortless sophistication, nothing provides that perfect finishing touch quite like fine jewellery. This is especially true during those wintry celebrations, when silver and gold flash beautifully in candlelight, catching the eye in the darkness, and offering their irresistible appeal. Pearls - those flawless treasures from beneath the waves - capture something of the frosted moon in their watery beauty, and amber, with its fiery glow and eternal warmth, draws loved ones closer to envelope them in a uniquely Nordic charm.

What’s more, let us consider the way we dress during the winter. Gone or the bright colours, pastels, and florals of summertime, along with the bare arms, legs, or backs we revel in while the sun beats down. This season is one for darker, more muted, and more luxurious tones; autumnal colours give way to deep blues, to blacks, to burgundies and forest greens. We wrap ourselves in comfort and bliss, and gloves, boots, hats, and scarves begin to make their annual debut on the streets and in the shops and cafes which line them. In this way, jewellery takes on a new yearly significance; it becomes a way in which to showcase personality and style, to customise and accessorize to our heart’s content, and to demonstrate a commitment to elegance and sophistication which both harmonises with and supersedes mere practicality.


Elegant Discoveries Beneath the Christmas Tree

Of course, when the first frost begins to form and when the first snowflakes are seen fluttering from the sky, our minds invariably turn to the holiday season at the heart of midwinter.

As the year comes to its darkest point, as the nights stretch out their longest hours and the daytime shrinks to a fleeting moment, we come together to share our warmth, our light, and our love. Whether you celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, or see this time of year as a day on which to soak up the joyful atmosphere and look forward to the year ahead, one thing remains constant: it is a time of giving, and of experiencing the happiness that it brings.

There are many reasons why quality handmade jewellery is so widely considered to be among the finest gifts a woman can receive. After all, each and every one of the components are in place for a truly wondrous gifting experience. The small package waits beneath the tree or by the fireside - so small, so delicate, yet bursting with promise and wishes, and waiting to be unwrapped, and cherished and loved.

Upon opening, there’s the initial flush of wonder that comes from gazing upon something flawless for the very first time; the way the precious metals reflect the twinkling lights, the way the gemstones fill the eyes with their beauty. Then, of course, there’s the moment of truth: the point at which the gift giver places the necklace delicately onto the woman’s neck, or takes her hand and closes the bracelet on her wrist or the ring on her finger. It’s a moment of intimate magic, and one which brings warmth to even the coldest day.


Give the Gift of Craftsmanship

Artisanship is the result of years - of generations, even - of dedication, love, and passion for creation. At Smykke Copenhagen, we believe in the value of craftsmanship, and understand that only by working with the most talented designers, utilising the most flawless gemstones, and pushing boundaries when it comes to jewellery design, can we make the items with the greatest impact for women who never settle for second best.

When you present one of our beautiful pearl or amber items of jewellery to a loved one as a Christmas gift, or when you treat yourself to an item from a range as a beautiful wintertime treasure to cherish, you’re buying more than just a piece of fine jewellery. You’re making contact with years of skill, artistic vision, and a dedication to excellence, and holding in your hands works of art which combine human endeavour with the greatest gifts the Earth has to offer.

Winter is here, and it’s your time to shine with Smykke.

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